Addons, whats TOO far?

May 20, 2010

Yeah, this has been debated for quite some time. Blizzard is putting their giant foot down on a little addon called “Augmented Virtual Reality”, and though I’ve never used it. From the description of the addon, Blizzard is right in doing so.

But where does Blizzard draw the line? I understand why addons like AVR can’t be allowed. It trivializes much of the game, and then the devs have to work around the fact that the players can use these tools which makes it even harder to design an encounter.

When it comes to addons I am a UI freak. Everything has to be neat, perfect, and logical. It comes to a surprise to most people who know me that I actually don’t like Addons. Ok, I don’t like “functional” addons. Changing the GUI is fine by me as it doesn’t affect any part of the game. But functional mods like DBM, PowerAuras, and even Questhelper (or tourguide, whatever you kids use these days)

(vet rambling incoming)

I remember back in the days when we had to rely on Egg timers to monitor DoTs or breathes. There was nothing to tell you not to stand in fire, or thatadds spawn in 5 seconds. With every wipe you gained a little more knowledge. The same can be said nowadays with mods like DBM, because I still see people failing even with tools to make it *nearly* impossible to screw up.

Even with outside of the game assistance like Ventrilo people still can’t grasp simple instructions.

Just a quick rant since I was reading wow.com and saw that. Enjoy your Thursdays!


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