Another day another copper

May 20, 2010


MMO-space always seems to slow down as summer closes in. The newsflow slows. You’ve generally talked and/or analyzed coming updates with your guildies. Raid attendance and recruiting is down.

It’s also a strange time to enter the realm of MMO blogging. With not much news being thrown out there isn’t much to talk about. So for today I have a few things prepared for you. You’ve probably seen similar talks around other blogs lately.

Blizzard AH app

Honestly, I don’t even have an opinion on this. Why anyone would want it is really beyond me, and it doesn’t change the game for better or worse. Enjoy your offline AH.

Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Questing

I played Guild Wars during Beta. I don’t remember much about it, or care to really. Guild Wars 2 has made headlines though claiming it will have a dynamic questing system that will be groundbreaking to the MMO industry. Can they do it?

They elaborated a little more on the system yesterday, clearing up some confusion people had. I think all the designs that they have are awesome and truly going a step forward. The system mostly sounds like it’s going to make use of small, timed scripts. I’m all for more scripting, the more it feels like a world the better. Quest text is largely ignored by most anyways, so developers finding other ways to tell stories is a must in this guys opinion.

Bioware is doing it with their famed cutscene dialogue. And now GW2 will be attempting something new. I’m more in favor of GW2’s system than Bioware’s simply because it sounds like GW2’s system is going to give the players more control. Nothing pisses me off more than having to sit through cutscene dialogue and pick my choices. It was awesome in Baldur’s Gate. In an MMO, not so much (I’m lookin at you AoC Tortage!) But I think I’m the minority when it comes to not liking the cutscene dialogue.

Female Worgen shots released. Furry fans everywhere purr. *yawn*

Lately with me I’ve been getting in some Age of Conan when I get some free time. I dropped my Necro and picked up my Guardian again (Harn) Respec’d him to the Tempest tree and now I’m a whilring spartan-looking death machine. I’m having fun re-learning the mechanics of that game, as well as playing it. Though the melee system still urks me a bit.

As far as the future goes..

TERA is a few months away from release. This one has me interested. And as usual FFXIV.

I’ve decided I am going to return to playing WoW though. Just not right now. With the complete lack of wanting to experience any more WotLK raid content than I already have I’m holding out for Cataclysm. I’ll probably re-activate once the Cata Beta gets rolling. There’s quite a few achievements, and gold-saving I’d like to get done on Dunzlo before the expac comes out.

My pre-Cata Checklist includes:

Save 20k Gold

Justicar title

Finish all Wrath Rep Grinds (Frenzy’s and Argent Tourney)

Make sure I have all the old world Dungeon and Raid achievements.

Possibly plan on starting a new progression 10M guild.

I’d love to go back and play now, but aside from the daily and daily dungeon quests I think I would get bored too quickly. Once information starts flowing smoother about Cata, and we can actually get some numbers and data, then I’ll have something to keep me in game and talking with mah buds.

Smell ya later!


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