Almost forgot..

May 27, 2010

Work interrupted my last post and I completely forgot to talk about something constructive. Yes, more about Cataclysm raiding.

So far, here are the facts we know now :

– 10/25 shared lockouts and equal gear

– More emphasis on “bring the player not the class”

– More homogenization both of gear and class roles.

And here is some more speculative infoz:

Raids will get progressively easier with time. (Can’t find the Blue post to quote sadly)

I think that covers just about everything “General” as far as raids in Cata, that we know so far. Now for some disection, construction and brainstorming.

With all of the homogenization coming to us in Cata, I feel like the game is going to get considerably easier. But not at first. I’m not quite sure how the raiding community feels about the ICC buff increasing every few weeks as I was not really paying attention to the happenings in Azeroth at the time. I personally think it’s a great idea and should be kept and applied to all raids.

A blue (Believe it was GC) said something along the lines of raids scaling with time. This is not something unheard of either, they’ve been doing it forever. Previously it was known as a nerf. Funny how you can just replace a word and it sounds so much better.

I would like to see more innovation, or at least some good copy/pasting from Blizzard than just this. Though it’s good to slide the difficulty down as time goes by, giving lesser guilds and players a chance to see all the content. The Uber guilds will still get server firsts, and all the shinies before the casuals, but the casuals still eventually (should) get to see it if they so choose.

But why make it permanent? There is a very, very, simple solution to difficulty. A slider. Much like Normal vs Heroic, but add more. I think 5 is good. Give incentives to progress your way through all the modes. Same loot though, except for maybe the hardest difficulty will offer a special chest drop at the end or something. It could look like this (btw, City of Heroes already has this, and has had this for a while) :

Easy – 10M’s (for example) could be done with 8-10 players, raid makeup doesn’t matter as much. Less loot quantity rewarded. In a “winged” dungeon I’m thinking the “pre” bosses just drop badges, and the “wings end” boss drops gear and badges. Mob abilities could be on longer cooldowns/cast times to give players more reaction time.

Normal – Just how it is.

Bold – Scale up HP/Damage. Loot just like normal.

Heroic – Just how it is

Epic – Scale up HP/Damage and abilities, possibly give players a perma-debuff of some sort. 310% mount drops, special titles and achievements. Possible new loot, or some new loot.

Now, just think about that. It gives the players the options to play how they would like to play. The casual pugger, or the “new-to-raiding” raider can start out on Easy, and work their way up.

Heroic difficulty would be just as it is now. This is where the Legendaries, other hard raid quests and junk would end up.

Epic would be a scaled up version of Heroic.

This effectively gives you 5 tiers of Raiding within a single Tier. Surely, you’d get tired of the same zone on 5 difficulties. But if your guild is facesmashing on Heroic, step down to Bold for a week or two and practice.

Not only does this close the difficulty gap between Normal and Hardmodes, but it also makes more content for everyone. With very little Dev work/testing.

Do this for all dungeons and raids in Cata and I would be one happy piggy. The key is to actually make Epic, epic. Heroic 5 mans in LK are just a joke. If we had more levels of play, even if it is just with the same content, it would at least give people some sort of incentive to continue.

There is nothing wrong with giving players more options. You can never have too many. Obviously this is just a rough idea, stolen from CoX, so there are going to be things that wouldn’t fit well in WoW, or would have to be adjusted.

Bring us some form progression back into the game please!


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