zomg it really is a Citadel!

May 27, 2010

As I ventured into ICC25 for the first time last night I was quite nervous. I hadn’t had time to read up on any strategies or watch any videos, much less talk to my guildies about the fights. I logged on, got the raid invite, and in we went.

Let me backtrack. I left Age of Conan the other day, not because of a sour experience though. A good portion of the reasons I play MMO’s over other video games is the multiplayer experience. The social mechanics. I was simply levelling by myself in AoC. A problem all games suffer at some point. The mid-game gets deserted, and any new players, or alt levellers have to fend for themselves most of the time.

So, I came back to WoW and am now starting on my Pre-Cata checklist. I logged back in to my old guild, my friends. Lots of new faces as well, always good. We still struggle with numbers though.

So, back to the subject. First time stepping into ICC. Now I realize that they just increased the Strength of Wrynn buff to 20%. So, things are not as hard as they once were. Or are they?

My guild has been running ICC since it came out. Not every week, but close to it.¬† Due to numbers always. We’re only 8/12 in Normal ICC25. I’m not sure how that exactly fares up against other guilds, as I really don’t care about the speed, so much as making some type of progress every week.

We raided 3 hours last night. Killed 3 bosses (they had raided on Tuesday as well). Didn’t do too bad. Not many wipes, until Putricide. Now, I heard he was a pain in the rear while I wasn’t playing. But honestly.. he’s not hard. The funny thing is.. none of the fights were. Out of everything I experienced in ICC so far, it’s all super-duper easy.

It really made me see how mindlessly easy raiding in WoW is. Walking in without so much as a hint, and not making mistakes. Whereas other players in my guild who have done the fights before, are still making mistakes. I did feel shame in my ToC gear though.

The really interesting thing though is even after a break, you can tell.. WoW never changes. ICC is cool to me now, because it’s the first time I’ve been inside. Next week, the feelings wont be the same for the bosses that I have killed. Most of the fights seem like they are borrowed mechanics from other Raids in WotLK. Which really is disheartening and flat out lazy. The zone itself is beautiful though, when Blizzard does new content they really know how to get the “feeling” right. Ulduar and ICC both are just amazing dungeons¬†artistically.

Back on topic. The key to my personal success last night was DBM and my knowledge of all the other content in this expansion. Stay out of the fire, black shit, green shit.. check! Watch my ass… check! Watch out for stray adds trying to eat our ranged.. check! DPS my ass off.. check!

When DBM told me to run, I ran. When DBM gave me any kind of message I knew how to react, or at least had an idea of how to react and not get myself or anyone else killed. It really bothered me that 5-10 of us were doing extremely well, and the other 15 weren’t. It’s a common thing among 25 man guilds who are not at the top of their server. It really baffled me how people can fail when you have such simple tools at your disposal. I play a Ret Pally, so it’s just a bunch of face-smashing the keyboard = DPS. I can’t imagine anything being much harder for the other classes or positions. Healers have it tough on some fights, but other DPS? My alt-raider is a Feral Druid (Cat), arguably one of the hardest DPS rotations in the game and I can still “do the dance” while maintaining my DPS.

Now I’m not gloating, I want to help my guildies. As I ease back into the game I will be devoting time to help the “slacking” players. If I have more skill than them, so what.. it’s not going to get us anywhere unless we work as a team right?

This is why I am very pleased with the changes to raiding in Cata. I’m sick of faceplanting on 25 man raids because some people can’t pick up the slack. I’m sick of always waiting for those 2-5 people that are always late. I cannot wait to experience the game progressing purely in 10 man content. With a tight-knit team of skilled people, and hopefully eventually close friends as well.

Large scale raids. As much as I love them, just have no place anymore in WoW. I love my guild. Been a part of it for nearly 3 years. I will be leaving it before Cataclysm and I will request that my 12 “best WoW friends” come along. In bigtime hopes that they do. Yes, we’d be leaving the other 20 people kinda hanging and that is a bit rude. So if my friends don’t want to come with me, then I will /salute and be on my merry way. 25m raiding is not for this Dwarf anymore.

Bring on the Cataclysm!


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