You bring the spice, I’ll bring the womprat.

May 28, 2010

At what point does a simple cookout become a full fledged feast? 3 people? 5 people? 20 people? Who can say. I would say that a “feast” doesn’t require quantity of people, but quality of the party. And of course good food.

And now you may be going.. eh? Whats your point?

Bioware is climbing the development ladder with Star Wars: TOR. I’ll spare the details about the game. If you haven’t heard about it then maybe you’ve been living under a rock. Or in Guam. If you have heard about it, I’m sure you have drawn some sort of feelings toward the game. Anything ranging from “Total crap” to “omgpeemyself” Most of us are aware of Bioware’s track record making AMAZING video games like Baldur’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic. We also know they LOVE to focus on in-depth story arcs and well done cutscenes. But with all the information we have of the game so far, does it really seem like it’s going to be what all the hype is making it to be?

Syncaine over at Hardcore Casual brings up some very good points about the game and it’s relation to an MMO.

How many times have you loaded up a single player game to farm one mob/area for a few hours? How many WEEKS have you spent in the same instance/zone/spawn camp in an MMO?

You can read the entire 2 part post at the link above. I thought it was an amazing read that brings up some great points on what it means to be a MMO, and also what is possibly in store for Bioware, and us players when SWTOR finally hits shelves.

Syncaine analyzes an MMO vs. a Single player game since Bioware is blurring the lines quite a bit with the largely important (and mostly soloable) storylines. He brings up the fact that most single player games offer up on average 40 hours of gameplay. Possibly some DLC later on. Where as MMO’s can give you much more entertainment, both for your time and money.

So far we have not seen, nor heard any news on any type of large scale grouping in SWTOR. They have not touched on if there will be raids or not. The group combat videos we’ve seen have been mostly just a pair of players in instances. The game is highly soloable, and you’ll have companions to help you do your biddings.

The game is being made with the premise that everyone can be the hero, and everyone gets there own major storyline. How much that storyline will differ between characters is yet to be revealed.

Age of Conan did similar with it’s Destiny Quests. From what I’ve gathered about TOR is YOUR quest is going to be 10x more epic than the DQ’s in AoC. I wouldn’t doubt it either. It’s frikken Bioware.

But how long could they possibly make the story? How long will it be before you’ve gone through it? What happens when you’re finished? How about replay value. How much is the storyline of the Smuggler going to be like the story for the Bounty Hunter? My guess is pretty different. It’s Bioware.

Yet still, story does not completely drive MMO players. Some ignore it completely, only playing for mechanics or.. whatever other reason. TOR will have to have great systems in place to retain players.

Or, as Syncaine suggests, maybe Bioware is trying to tap into a different part of the MMO-niche pool.

I can’t say either way really. I do think SWTOR wont be the game for me. But as far as it’s own success *shrug* I’m sure it will sell millions on release.. like every hyped up MMO, but can they hold their subs?

Anyway. I highly suggest you take a read over at Hardcore Casual for a more in-depth explanation as to why Syncaine thinks SWTOR will make for a terrible MMO.



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