June 1, 2010


Due to personal reasons (feeling like a junkie) I probably will be taking a week or so hiatus from writing, unelss I get really inspired to write something. Pretty sure not many people read this blog yet anyways, but if you’re out there. I apologize : )

On a non-MMO note :

One last peice of advice. To most people who are thinking about getting put on anti-depressants, don’t. Some people they do help yes, but most of us do not need them and doctors will push them. To those already on an SSRI, and looking to get off it.. go through your doctor. I highly recommend NOT cold turkey’ing it. Been 4 days since I’ve been off of them and I feel like barely walking death. Spells of vertigo, mania, and insomnia coupled with vomiting, chills and “brain shocks.”

It’s not fun, and from what I’ve been researching withdrawls can last typically 1-3 weeks. Now.. let me just tell you that I never should have been put on these pills in the first place, let alone the high dosage I’m at. I’ve seen these same pills do wonders for other people.

It’s amazing though how generalized PTSD is though. I bet anyone could goto a VA clinic and get diagnosed with PTSD, war vet or not. And they certainly shouldn’t be handing out dependency forming drugs like candy to anyone who is “in the pits”


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