About me and this blog


Welcome to my blogging experiment. Ramblings of an old timer is a multi-purpose blog about MMO gaming and the subculture. I will be writing about MMO-space news, analyzing game mechanics, and tracking development of new MMO’s. I will also be documenting my journeys through various worlds.

A little bit about me. I’m a grizzled old MMO veteran. Ok, so, I’m not really that old. Being 25 and feeling like I’m 60 does have it’s perks sometimes. I’m talkin’ about sponge baths, oh yes.

I’ve been playing MMO’s for the better part of my life. Started playing UO (Ultima Online) when I was in 7th grade. It was my first love. I wont bore you with my entire MMO history though. Let’s just say I’ve played pretty much everything.

My playstyle as of late has been fairly casual, which differs from my normal routine. I am a hardcore player. Somewhere in between “poop-socking” and “well I do have work in the morning” I have hardcore views on MMO’s and my opinions will show, I’m sure, on this blog.

I am not a writer. I executed my time at the local community college with haste. I tend to rant and ramble. Just take that as a disclaimer.

My plan is to update this blog 3-5 times a week. Hope you enjoy!

Oh yeah, and take a gander over to the right side of the screen. My blogroll is full of the MMO blogs and bloggers that I’ve grown to like.

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