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Musings on the WoW news over the weekend.

June 14, 2010

In case you’re unaware, Blizzard had a press even over the weekend and released a lot of information about the current status of Cataclysm and also answering questions that the players have been confused about. I wont kill you with a wall of text of recap. Just highlight some points that I found interesting. If you want the full news head on over to your favorite WoW news site.. the details are everywhere. Let’s dive in..

Heroic Shadowfang Keep and Heroic Deadmines should be shipped in Patch 4.1

Seriously? All I was expecting was a 85 heroic scaled version of the same instance. That shouldn’t take very long to do. So why the delay until 4.1? Could be that they are completely re-designing the dungeons, or it could be that they are trying to refrain from releasing too many dungeons at once. I don’t really know, but I think that this is pretty stupid. Not a big deal though.

Path of the Titans Removal
Okay.. now it just seems like they are cutting features all together. Instead of this we’re now getting “medium” glyphs. Which will be in between Major and Minor. These glyphs are “for fun” only, so they *should* have no effect on your character’s output.

Much more boring but serves almost the same purpose and takes 1/2 the time to develop. Sure.. cool by me. Give me my Libram graphic dangling from my hip!

Guild Talents are gone

Makes it much more boring, but I can understand why. They have enough trouble balancing the class talents. To make sure the guild talents weren’t too over-done they just got rid of them all together. Now we get abilities handed to us based on our guild’s level. Much as in other games. It’s basically the same thing, they just took choice out of the equation. *shrug*

Raid Changes

Here’s the bread and butter (to me) of the press release. We knew 10’s and 25’s were going to be equalized but we didn’t have the details really. Now we do. You can break down your 25 man raid into 3 separate 10m raid ID’s if you choose. Also, a change to how the lockouts work. Basically it doesn’t tag yourself to the zone, it tags what bosses you have killed. Therefore streamlining managing your Raid IDs. Especially if you do a lot of PUG raids.

25’s will drop approx. 50% more loot than 10’s. Which is good. Most of this 50% was strongly hinted at just being extra emblems. That’s kind of boring but ah well.

It’s been stated before that 10’s will be brought up in difficulty to be along the same challenge of 25’s, now we have official confirmation that this IS in fact the plan. This makes me giddy. Being someone who simply doesn’t want to deal with attendance issues, or that one bad player that just wont get better no matter how much you talk to them.. this is an awesome thing for me. 10 man cuts down on the stupid, which is good for my blood pressure. Up until (seemingly) now 10 mans have always been insanely easy compared to 25 mans. A good majority of this comes from the simple fact of their being less people. Less chaos.

If they are ramping up the difficulty on 10m, I’m curious to see how far they take that. Will it be easier because there is less people? Or will they tune the content right and make 10/25 equalized in difficulty? It’s hard to equalize something that gets harder the more players you throw at it. No matter how hard a boss hits, things will always be easier if you only have 10 people to worry about vs. 25.

The ONLY thing I can see as a downside here is the confusion that could come about with the 25 lockout being split in to 3 different 10 man lockouts. I’m not quite sure I understand how this works. Does it take groups 1 and 2 and give them a lockout, 2-4, 5-6, and such? If it does, that could be a raid balance and administrative nightmare.

Also.. in your typical 25m raid you generally have 3 tanks and 4-5 healers. Split the group up into 3 10’s and you don’t have proper raid balance for any more than 1, maybe 2 teams.

Basically, how I see it, is.. someone’s going to get shafted every week. And while Blizzard is implementing this for guilds like mine, who have full raids on Tuesday, but then struggle Wednesday and Thursday to get numbers. I still don’t think this is a good option for that type of group. It’s basically no different from how guilds handle 10/25 now. You have your 25 team, and an “A” 10m team, and possibly another “B” team.

But this causes a lot of animosity as we’ve all seen in the past in various different guilds. My guild has an “A” team that runs 10m on the weekends, they’ve killed LK10 and are working on heroics (and we have yet to kill LK25). It’s typically always the same people. We don’t have enough support/attendance to gather a “B” team on the weekends. So.. half of us that would like to raid usually end up sitting out. Bad policy imo.. but.. what else are bored people gonna do?

What I don’t understand is.. instead of Blizzard jumping through all of these hoops with the Raid IDs and coming up with all this crazy stuff. Why not just have the raid instances scale up or down based off of how many people you have?

10 people = 10m difficulty

14 people = 10m difficulty scaled up a tad

25 people = 25m difficulty

23 people = 25m scaled back a little get the idea I think. This seems more easier to me than what they’re doing. Surely it’s not an easy task, but I don’t think it requires too much more work than what they are doing now.

I guess what I’m saying is.. make a raid just that. A raid. Minimum 10 players, max 25. Have the instance(and loot) scale off the number of people you bring in. There is quite a many games that use (or have used) some sort of auto-scaling (or manual scaling) for their instances. It’s worked out pretty well for them. Why wouldn’t it work in Azeroth?

The last thing I would like to touch on is the happenings with rated Battlegrounds. I’m no PvP’er.. but even I notice that not many people make pre-mades anymore. Or if they do, teamwork is usually pretty scarce. I like teamwork. If there was more of it in BGs I would enjoy them a lot more. Thats why I like the idea of making a BG team.. it sounds awesome and maybe.. just maybe.. it will turn my view of WoW PvP around.


Healer C-c-c-combos!

June 11, 2010

Blizzard released previews of the Cataclysm talent changes for a few classes yesterday. I haven’t gone over any of the trees in-depth too much so far except the Druid and Priest healing trees. It seems to me like healers may actually have something resembling a rotation. Some of the new talents they’ve added or changed give you certain stackable buffs after using a certain spell or spell type, and both classes have a way to “release” stored up power.

To me, it appears that they are trying to make healing more about choice and less about spam.. which is a great thing. What remains to be seen is if these abilities are/will be tuned correctly in order to make them worth using over spam tactics.

With the talks of inflated HP numbers across the board for players in Cata.. maybe healers will have more thinking to do and less “Oh crap heal, heal, heal”

I am pleased so far. The new expansion excitement continues!


Talent talk

June 7, 2010

We like Shadow Bolt being the nuke for both Demonology and Affliction. That isn’t likely to change. Talents don’t have to be in “your tree” for them to be good talents for your build. We generally consider 0 / 0 / 71 builds to be a failure.

See, even Blizzard says that they consider 0/0/71 (in any class tree) a failure. But wait a minute.. they also contradict themselves in a post just a few days ago.

1) For more casual players (i.e. the ones not posting in this forum), we want there to be less difference in power between an optimal and sub-optimal spec. It’s okay if the optimal one is still better, but not so much better. Casual players should feel fine just spending points with a small amount of consideration and not feeling like step one is to go to the Internet to find the right build. The passive bonuses help with that.

2) For those players that do take optimization very seriously (and I’m assuming most of you are in that category), we just want to see more cookie-cutter builds that say things like “spend the last 5-10 points wherever you want.” If those points would give you survivability or a massive threat bonus or even utility that’s hard to live without (say Warbringer for a Prot warrior), then you’re not really spending the points where you want. But we think there is room to have some of those choices that don’t really exist now

I’m not saying I don’t agree, 71 points into any tree is a dumb move. For anyone. But how come Blizzard is now encouraging cookie-cutter builds? I thought the idea was to try to tweak the trees to the point where it mattered.. but you didn’t have to have the same spec as “Rogue_01234”

I know right now I can glance at a talent calculator, and without even mousing over I know what Paladin talents are “must have”, “filler”, and “don’t even bother”, for all 3 specs. I’m sure there’s plenty of others out there who are like this as well with their class, or multiple classes. It sort of negates the point of even having talents.

So.. why do we have them?

The original intention of adding the talent trees was to give classes “specialties” and give everyone the choice to play their chosen class as they want to play it. Did Blizzard succeed in doing this? Yup.

We still have the choice to pick our talents, we don’t have to follow an EJ thread or a cookie-cutter build. But, you’ll be less effective at your job than someone who is using the “optimal cookie cutter build.” I could level 70-80 completely un-spec’d, with any class. Anyone can. Sure it will take longer, but you can do it. That’s exactly why Blizzard didn’t and isn’t technically failing at the original goal of the talent trees. You DO have the option to put them wherever you’d like, and you can still play the game with 71 points dumped into a tree.. for the most part.. just fine.

It wont effect your dailies, or your questing, or your mount farming. Try to grab a PUG raid though and be prepared to get laughed at repeatedly before getting the boot.

In order for Blizzard to really flesh out the talent trees and give us more options for successful builds, rather than just one mega-optimal build, they would have to completely tear down the talent system and re-build it from the ground up. Considering we’ve seen how much Blizzard just loves to develop things.. we might see this happen in 2018. Maybe.

For now though, there is nothing terribly wrong with the talent system. I know we’re all just dying to see at least the Beta form of the Cata talent trees. Hopefully it will get rid of some of those more worthless talents and put in some ones that will actually make you think about your choice. While cutting the bloat out of some other trees so the class actually feels like it has enough points to get everything he/she needs/wants.


Weekly Happenings

June 6, 2010

Since I don’t have much of a reader-base yet I can’t be cool like Tobold and have an Open Sunday Thread : ( So Sundays will be the day when I go over what I’ve been up to over the week, as well as any news in the mmo-space.

This week

Well I’ve been slowly completing quests for Loremaster between raids. It’s a grind now, and very mind-numbing but I’m glad to be doing it because I get to see some quests that I’ve never seen before. Read some decent lore and actually appreciate Vanilla WoW more. I’d rather be doing these quests at level though, some of them are very good quests and doing them at 80 just feels like I missed out. But, gotta take it all in before the Cataclysm!

There is an upside to the quest grind (besides the title) That is, it’s getting me more and more excited for Cata. As I ride around the old zones, I can’t help but wonder what ‘this’ or ‘that’ will look like in a few months. It really makes me want to start a baby Worgen, or a Dwarf Shaman when the xpac does get here. But I hate alts. Most likely I will do what I did when WotLK came out. First make sure my Paladin hits level cap and gets everything he needs from 5 mans. Then I made my DK, played through the starting area, thought it was very cool and well done. After they released me into the rest of Azeroth.. /delete.

So when Cata comes I’ll probably do the same thing. Create a baby Worgen, level to 60 and stop. With the massive amounts of Phasing (a feature which I love and hate at the same time) I’m very curious to level again. But once that’s all over with and it’s time to head to Hellfire, I’ll stop playing that toon.

Guild news! This week we killed Putricide on 25 for the first time. Yay us! Only 3 more to go! This week was also the first time I’ve done Gunship on 25, and it was also Heroic. It was also probably the dullest encounter ever. There was never a time when I felt like myself, or the raid was in any sort of real danger and the fight itself was just.. silly! On a side-note, why does Blizzard always feel it neccesary to put something in every raid zone that’ll just piss people off. I’m not talking about Frogger. I’m talking about that evil train in Ulduar. There’s always someone that falls, or misses the train. TotC, some yutz always starts the events before anyone’s ready. And now Gunship. Let’s put the two NPC’s you need to talk to for two completely different reasons RIGHT next to each other. That way when we’re on our 50th time through it and people are just on “autopilot” someone runs up and starts the event instead of grabbing a rocket pack. Oh look, 4 people are on the boat. Great. And it’s gonna be like 20 minutes before everyone gets back inside the instance because the damn boat takes so long to reset. /bird @ Blizzard

Ok, enough of WoW. Let’s talk about some other games.


This MMO has been in development for a few years already and is in the Closed Beta stage at the moment Open Beta as of Friday, you can get into the OB by creating an account and following the download link on the official forums. This title is, out of the 3 that I’m looking forward to, highest on the list. It’s a sandbox MMO, skill-based, open-world and no instancing. Here’s just a quick snippet of the features it teases:

Dawntide is an innovative new freeform MMOG being developed by Working as Intended, an independent studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Player Cities with shops, crafting, military and many more buildings – plus upgrades!
  • Handcrafted island world with many exciting places to Explore and Conquer.
  • Fully Conquerable world with safe areas for new players!
  • Skill based progression. No more levels or classes!
  • Complex and fun Crafting allows players to create unique items with a wide range of materials.
  • Laws and guards allow players to truly rule the territory they conquer.
  • Deep and exciting background Lore to be discovered.
  • Single, uninstanced world makes your impact on the game meaningful.

I have no idea what combat is like, and I don’t care. I’ve been waiting for a game that puts emphasis on player interaction with the world itself since Star Wars Galaxies went to hell (NGE) /bird @ Sony. But, I’m not letting myself get burned again. I’ve learned. It took me a few heartbreaks, but I’ve learned never give into the hype. If they can pull this game off, it wont be any sort of WoW killer. Not by a long shot. But, it will fill a niche in the MMO market and as long as the game isn’t utter crap and bug ridden at launch.. and things go even relatively smooth. It should snag up a decent subscriber base, probably similar to the numbers of EVE.

This game wouldn’t take me away from WoW completely, unless it had some amazing PvE raids. Which most Sandbox games don’t even have what we call “Raiding” these days. Usually it either involves PvP raids, or just grabbing a group of people and going cave diving looking for something fun to kill.

Moving on!


Not much news with this game in the past week. A few of my intarweb buddies have been starting to get Beta keys via email. I have not been as lucky : ( If you don’t know much about this game, it’s basically a sequel to FFXI. Well.. it’s what EQ2 is to EQ1. Only hopefully Squeenix doesn’t completely bork the launch. Being an Eastern based game it’s undoubtedly going to have more of a grind than we’re used to with western MMO’s. I’m fine with that. But the developers have also stated that they are in the process of “Westernizing” the game a bit more for us. They haven’t touched too much on what exactly that means besides less grindy, WSAD movement and Jumping (did they add jumping or not? I know it was a HUGE turnoff for alot of people 6 months ago)

I do believe that this game is still slated for release on the PC and PS3, and based on the videos I’ve watched it actually looks like a MMO I might enjoy playing with a controller. Though not on my PS3. MMO’s belong on PCs in my opinion. The game is being developed for the platform side-by-side, so it will not be a port. There will be a PS3 client, and a PC client and they are being developed by two different teams. Let me make that more clear. It’s the same game, but they are developing 2 clients to ensure that it runs flawlessly on the PS3, and the PC. A good thing.

Other than that, there are some videos floating around of some combat. It’s slower combat than what we are used to in WoW, and many of the other newer MMO’s. Someone told me that the combat speed was somewhere in between Everquest and WoW. Which.. to me sounds perfect.

The graphics look AMAZING, as do the animations, models, and world. Not cartoony, but not trying to be overly-realistic. Well.. it looks like a Final Fantasy game should. If you’re a fan of the series than you should be pleased with the art in this game.

Squeenix has also stated that it will be more solo friendly than FFXI, but still a high emphasis on groups. What I took this to mean is everyone will be able to solo just fine, but the best and most efficient way to get things done will be with a group. Flip flop that and you have what most MMOs are now /bird @ Blizzard. I think that MMO’s are about group experiences, so there should be more emphasis on grouping. We’ll see how that turns out though.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Everytime they release a new piece of news for this game I get a little less hyped for it. The more and more videos I see, and interviews I read make it sound more and more just like a multi-player version of KOTOR. Which isn’t totally a bad thing. I’ve talked about this in a previous post, and Syncaine at Hardcore Casual has written up a 2 part post about his feelings on SWTOR. I can’t really agree more.

It sounds like it’ll be a good play for a month or two, but I can’t see anything that would hold me (an possibly a good amount of others) to the game for any extended periods of time.

Bioware continues to try to hype the games storytelling more than anything else. Talking about it like it’s the new “end all, be all” feature of MMO’s. They claim to have something like “50 novels” worth of story content. Well.. so did Dragon Age. DA was a good game and alot of people agreed. What alot of people didn’t agree on about it was whether or not it was fun to replay to mix up the story. Which I assume is how SWTOR is going to fit their “50 novels” worth of story into the game.

It seems more and more that this game is geared towards the casual players, total Star Wars nerds who can’t get enough, and people who love to play multiple characters. I’m not doubting that it wont be a success (pending smooth launch), and I’m sure it will have a healthy number of subs a year after release. It just sounds like a psuedo-MMO to me though. I don’t need, nor want Bioware style conversations in my MMO’s. Alot of people do, and it’s awesome that they are (hopefully) getting what they want.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars is probably one of the only “Major label” MMO’s that I’ve never played. It’s heavy use of instancing originally turned me off from the game and I’ve just never really had any desire to check it out. Now, with what I’ve been reading about GW2.. I gotta say, I’m excited to see what they can pull off. The dynamic quest system they’ve spoken about sounds amazing if implemented well and has the possibility of setting a new standard for quests in MMO’s. The game world also looks beautiful. GW2 has made it to my watch list.

So that’s it for this week. Next week I think I’m going to try to cut down on my ramblings a little. Try to keep the posts under 1000 words haha.



You bring the spice, I’ll bring the womprat.

May 28, 2010

At what point does a simple cookout become a full fledged feast? 3 people? 5 people? 20 people? Who can say. I would say that a “feast” doesn’t require quantity of people, but quality of the party. And of course good food.

And now you may be going.. eh? Whats your point?

Bioware is climbing the development ladder with Star Wars: TOR. I’ll spare the details about the game. If you haven’t heard about it then maybe you’ve been living under a rock. Or in Guam. If you have heard about it, I’m sure you have drawn some sort of feelings toward the game. Anything ranging from “Total crap” to “omgpeemyself” Most of us are aware of Bioware’s track record making AMAZING video games like Baldur’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic. We also know they LOVE to focus on in-depth story arcs and well done cutscenes. But with all the information we have of the game so far, does it really seem like it’s going to be what all the hype is making it to be?

Syncaine over at Hardcore Casual brings up some very good points about the game and it’s relation to an MMO.

How many times have you loaded up a single player game to farm one mob/area for a few hours? How many WEEKS have you spent in the same instance/zone/spawn camp in an MMO?

You can read the entire 2 part post at the link above. I thought it was an amazing read that brings up some great points on what it means to be a MMO, and also what is possibly in store for Bioware, and us players when SWTOR finally hits shelves.

Syncaine analyzes an MMO vs. a Single player game since Bioware is blurring the lines quite a bit with the largely important (and mostly soloable) storylines. He brings up the fact that most single player games offer up on average 40 hours of gameplay. Possibly some DLC later on. Where as MMO’s can give you much more entertainment, both for your time and money.

So far we have not seen, nor heard any news on any type of large scale grouping in SWTOR. They have not touched on if there will be raids or not. The group combat videos we’ve seen have been mostly just a pair of players in instances. The game is highly soloable, and you’ll have companions to help you do your biddings.

The game is being made with the premise that everyone can be the hero, and everyone gets there own major storyline. How much that storyline will differ between characters is yet to be revealed.

Age of Conan did similar with it’s Destiny Quests. From what I’ve gathered about TOR is YOUR quest is going to be 10x more epic than the DQ’s in AoC. I wouldn’t doubt it either. It’s frikken Bioware.

But how long could they possibly make the story? How long will it be before you’ve gone through it? What happens when you’re finished? How about replay value. How much is the storyline of the Smuggler going to be like the story for the Bounty Hunter? My guess is pretty different. It’s Bioware.

Yet still, story does not completely drive MMO players. Some ignore it completely, only playing for mechanics or.. whatever other reason. TOR will have to have great systems in place to retain players.

Or, as Syncaine suggests, maybe Bioware is trying to tap into a different part of the MMO-niche pool.

I can’t say either way really. I do think SWTOR wont be the game for me. But as far as it’s own success *shrug* I’m sure it will sell millions on release.. like every hyped up MMO, but can they hold their subs?

Anyway. I highly suggest you take a read over at Hardcore Casual for a more in-depth explanation as to why Syncaine thinks SWTOR will make for a terrible MMO.



Ca$h Stores and Item Shops

May 26, 2010

Whether it be a Sparkle Pony, Shadow Cat-thing, or something as simple as an hour duration XP potion. Cash shops are starting to enter the “mainstream” MMO market. They are adopting practices that F2P and Indie companies have used for quite some years now. There has been countless arguments, both for and against the cash shop model. For those of you that don’t know there are 4 types of ways that players pay to play games.


F2P, or Free to Play games are completely free and don’t limit content at all. Most of these are Indie games that may or may not be in the “Released” stages.

F2P + Cash Shop

This is F2P, but not completely. Sometimes they will lock out content until you decide to buy it in the Cash shop. You can also typically buy items (of varying power), recipes, potions, mounts, furniture, costume pieces.. you name it.


What most of us here in the States are used to. We pay our $xx.xx/mo, box fees, and expansion fees. With this we expect Content patches in between expansions, and a new expansion every, we’ll say, 1-2 years.

Sub + Cash Store

We are starting to see these pop up now. We pay our subs, box fees, expansion fees.. and for extra you have the option of buying things in the cash store. To my knowledge all of the main developers (Funcom, SOE, Blizzard, Turbine) have all adopted some for of this.

Now, I don’t mind cash shops to a point. Once they start offering players an advantage over other “non-cash shop” players, it becomes a problem. Also, being able to purchase content (ala EQ2 Adventure packs) is just gouging your customers. That stuff should be availiable via free content patches. Hell even F2P games do that.

Being so used to the subscription model, I am a little biased towards F2P. Most of them are cutsey little cartoon games,.. whatever. Not my thing. But I have, in the recent past, played a few F2P games. It hasn’t really changed my opinion of them, but it has made me see that the F2P market shouldn’t be boycotted.

Options are a great thing to have in your games. For example, lets talk Blizzard for a second. The pony, the pets, the mobile AH. None of these give players any real advantage over other players. But are still there for the people who would fork out the cash for them. So I don’t see what the issue is. At all.

Now look at Funcom. They offer to you a “Might of Crom” pack for 49.99 (Don’t quote me, we have dinosaur Internet Explorer here at work and I can’t get to the AOC website.) Anyways, it’s something like 49.99, gets you:

  • A bunch of XP potions
  • Weapon/Armor
  • Pet
  • Ring (plus xp I think)
  • One month game time

There may be more, but I think I covered the majority of it. Anyways. I think it’s a good thing to release things like this AFTER the initial release. Once most of the playerbase has hit the top levels. So what if someone wants to pay to have there alt level faster. Or someones friend who’s brand new joins the game and wants to play catch up. Does it hurt your gaming experience? Not really. For the people who want to pay the price of an expansion, let ’em.

Beau Hindman at writes in an article today:

Third, subscription-only can punish innovation. If you look at the indie/free-to-play market, you will find true innovation. Pricing can bend and mold itself to the market, and players can truly send strong messages to developers by avoiding certain cash shop items. Instead of charging one price for a box of content that will be used differently by everyone, free-to-play expansions are almost always free and profits are made instead by players who can buy smaller bits of content as they see fit.

Obviously he is an advocate of F2P and Cash Shop models. But this statement right here is pretty much spot-on. If a developer utilizes a cash store, they can look at the data, and pretty much get feedback from it instantly.

But if we are going to play a game thats Sub+Box+Exp+Cash Shop items.. that’s an easy and quick way to go through alot of money. If this is how the big companies are going to do it, they need to re-evaluate a few things first.

My personal budget for MMOs is $50/month. Not including box fees. So that means I can run 1-4 accounts in multiple games or not, or purchase some things from the cash store. I know some people who would look at my monthly MMO budget and scream. “$50/month to play some games?? I have a hard time accepting that I have to pay $14.99” So something has to change. Cheaper sub rates, free expansions.. something. Then again, Blizzard proved that wrong with the sparkle pony because it was a hit.

But.. what is the outcome of all this? Players get shiny toys and pets and whatnot. Developers get more money. But honestly, it can’t be that hard to make a “XP Potion of awesomeness” or re-texture an already in the game mount, or shrinking a mob to make it a pet. So it’s not like the Dev team spends a bunch of work hours on this stuff. Basically, it’s all profit for the company. The player gets the shaft.

I wont start becoming a full supporter of Sub+Cash Store until we start seeing some changes with all the extra money the Company is getting from these toys. I want faster time between expansions (EQ2 has it right on, once a year), I want more of pretty much everything. But what I want the most of these companies, nay, what I expect (even now) is options. Everyone has a different playstyle. If someone hates levelling.. why shouldn’t they be allowed to have a XP potion if they wanna shell out the cash for it? Cause they level faster than you? Boo-hoo. If someone is tired of looking at their Swift Gray Ram, they can cough out the cash and buy something sparkly.

Put gold on the cash store too I say. Kill RMT. Developer houses could control MUDflation more. I would also say throw levels/characters into the cash store as well.. but that is stretching it. Nobody likes a max level complete noob.

You could very well even tailor “special” content to put on the cash store. Nothing that gives anyone advantages/disadvantages. But for playstyles. WoW could sell a housing patch for $30 and I bet you make a killing. Seeing as how Blizzard just wont give it to us. How about a collector’s pack? Adding new achievements into the game, Hide ‘n Seek mini-games, Scavenger hunt type stuff. Things that really can’t take THAT much resources to create. Throw it up on the store for a price that reflects the content, and let the niche players buy it up.

Nothing that changes the game. Just the way the game is played to that person. Personal options. Something I am not against in MMO’s.



Another day another copper

May 20, 2010


MMO-space always seems to slow down as summer closes in. The newsflow slows. You’ve generally talked and/or analyzed coming updates with your guildies. Raid attendance and recruiting is down.

It’s also a strange time to enter the realm of MMO blogging. With not much news being thrown out there isn’t much to talk about. So for today I have a few things prepared for you. You’ve probably seen similar talks around other blogs lately.

Blizzard AH app

Honestly, I don’t even have an opinion on this. Why anyone would want it is really beyond me, and it doesn’t change the game for better or worse. Enjoy your offline AH.

Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Questing

I played Guild Wars during Beta. I don’t remember much about it, or care to really. Guild Wars 2 has made headlines though claiming it will have a dynamic questing system that will be groundbreaking to the MMO industry. Can they do it?

They elaborated a little more on the system yesterday, clearing up some confusion people had. I think all the designs that they have are awesome and truly going a step forward. The system mostly sounds like it’s going to make use of small, timed scripts. I’m all for more scripting, the more it feels like a world the better. Quest text is largely ignored by most anyways, so developers finding other ways to tell stories is a must in this guys opinion.

Bioware is doing it with their famed cutscene dialogue. And now GW2 will be attempting something new. I’m more in favor of GW2’s system than Bioware’s simply because it sounds like GW2’s system is going to give the players more control. Nothing pisses me off more than having to sit through cutscene dialogue and pick my choices. It was awesome in Baldur’s Gate. In an MMO, not so much (I’m lookin at you AoC Tortage!) But I think I’m the minority when it comes to not liking the cutscene dialogue.

Female Worgen shots released. Furry fans everywhere purr. *yawn*

Lately with me I’ve been getting in some Age of Conan when I get some free time. I dropped my Necro and picked up my Guardian again (Harn) Respec’d him to the Tempest tree and now I’m a whilring spartan-looking death machine. I’m having fun re-learning the mechanics of that game, as well as playing it. Though the melee system still urks me a bit.

As far as the future goes..

TERA is a few months away from release. This one has me interested. And as usual FFXIV.

I’ve decided I am going to return to playing WoW though. Just not right now. With the complete lack of wanting to experience any more WotLK raid content than I already have I’m holding out for Cataclysm. I’ll probably re-activate once the Cata Beta gets rolling. There’s quite a few achievements, and gold-saving I’d like to get done on Dunzlo before the expac comes out.

My pre-Cata Checklist includes:

Save 20k Gold

Justicar title

Finish all Wrath Rep Grinds (Frenzy’s and Argent Tourney)

Make sure I have all the old world Dungeon and Raid achievements.

Possibly plan on starting a new progression 10M guild.

I’d love to go back and play now, but aside from the daily and daily dungeon quests I think I would get bored too quickly. Once information starts flowing smoother about Cata, and we can actually get some numbers and data, then I’ll have something to keep me in game and talking with mah buds.

Smell ya later!